jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

1st Primary science class

Hello family!
It is nice to be here again sharing with you some of our new findings!

In this unit, we are studying materials and their properties. For example, the tables where we study everyday are made of wood and metal. Furthermore, one of their properties shows that it is rigid.
In addition to our findings we can see that  some of our shoes are made of leather, that means they are flexible, whereas if they were made of wood we could not walk or move on any surface as the wood is rigid.
From  all these things,  we have  learnt that we use various types of  materials in everyday life  depending on their properties.
Here you have some pictures where you can see our experiences and the games we played using the materials! 

We divided the class into two groups. One group could not see what the other group was doing, that is the reason why they  closed their eyes. Whilst they ‘ were sleeping’ the other group had to look for all these materials in the class and bring them to the teacher’s table in the shortest time possible . Then, group two switched roles with group on in order to partake in the same activity.

All of us really enjoyed the games we played as we learnt a lot more about the subject and also how to make 'properties'  fun and enjoyable to learn.

See you again soon from your budding Scientists of Primary.

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